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The Website

My City venue is a UK website aimed at the nightlife industry. The project’s main goal is to simply unify the process of planning a night out by offering a single platform to access all venues’ and nightclubs’ services. This means users’ online search times will be considerably reduced. A user will be able to look for as well as instantly book tickets, guest lists, table, entry queue jumps and offers for thousands of venues across the UK but all on one website.


What Is Unique

The thing that makes My City Venue unique among other websites which offer club related services is that any reservations or bookings made on My City Venue are actually being made directly with the venue. There is no middle man or promoter in this process. My City venue achieves this by giving every venue and club operator their own intelligent control panel from which the venue operators can manage their bookings and post new events, tickets, tables or deals. This allows for nearly instantaneous bookings confirmation for users.

The Features

Three clicks of a mouse get you a table, queue jump, tickets or similar. This can be done for nearly any venue in the UK with nearly instant confirmation. Confirmed user actions are generated into a QR code and send to the user’s mobile/email. This allows the user to take their mobile/ cell phone to the venue where they will be scanned in using a My City Venue supplied iPad. This greatly cuts down the usual time of having to wait outside the venue to pay etc

No more queues, a simple scan of your QR code at the venues door will bring up everything required for you to get it.


The Users

A single platform where venues can promote their events, services and offers to hundreds of thousands of subscribers (as of Feb 2012). To do this, they get full access to their own control panel in which they can manage everything from door lists where they can set automated approval rules. The venue can also manage purchases, send out free newsletters and much more.